Our website is a showcase of the work we've done in the past few years and we try to keep it up-to-date, though we're sometimes side-tracked by the multiple design projects we're managing...


Whether you have conceptualised your project, or if you have no idea what the end-result should look like, don't worry. We are adaptable to all situations and will assist you to bring your project to life!

Our specialties are:
Creative design of logos and visual identities
Conception & design of eDMs, flyers, leaflets, invitations, posters, banners, folders
Design & layout of catalogues and brochures
Creative advertising
Web-related services
Printing & production management

And we're always ready to take on new challenges!



Our team is small, energetic and super-efficient. Oh by the way, we are sisters!

Caroline Caer-Castel, graphic designer, has worked for various communication agencies as well as in the publishing and printing worlds in France and United Kingdom. She handles the artistic and creative arms of Calamansi Designs.

Agnes Caer-Piras, based in Hong Kong, is the interface with the clients, deeply involved at all stages of their projects. She has a wide experience in management, marketing, sales, events and public relations.

We share a passion for all things promptly but thoroughly done; perfection and attention to details play an important role in our creative and business processes.
From brief to printing, each project is handled with creativity and reactivity.



We've handled a great number of design projects in the last few years. You can choose to view them by project type (go to the Projects page) or by clients (go to the Clients page).

To see a "best of", please click here to view our portfolio highlights

Our website is not always up-to-date; follow our latest projects on: